Social Network Integration

As you send out your email campaigns to contacts you may want to encourage your recipients to share the content with their own networks and friends on various social networks. MyEmailProgram allows for that. Anywhere within the body of your email you can add links that allow the recipient to click and share. When clicked upon these links will automatically open up a new “post” window that will be automatically populated with the subject line of your email campaign and a link to the web version.

Integrated social networks and their tags include:

  • Facebook – ||FACEBOOK||
  • Twitter – ||TWITTER||
  • Delicious – ||DELICOUS||
  • Google Bookmarks – ||GOOGLE||
  • Digg – ||DIGG||
  • MySpace – ||MYSPACE||

To insert the share link for any of these networks just use the tag as listed above. The tag will insert the actual link so you will likely want to insert an image or the name of the network and then add the tag as the hyperlink.

If you would like to build out a template that has all the images of these social networks in a clean layout and insert that automatically into your emails you can also do that as well. Insert the template with the tag: ||SOCIAL_NETWORK||

Social media sharing of email campaign


After sending your campaign you can track how much social traction you received via the stats dashboard. There is a tab in the reporting section called “Social Network Sharing Statistics” that will give you a clear idea of how many shares you received on each social network, and which of your contacts did the sharing where.

social network sharing email stats