WordPress Subscription Plugin

Customers have access to download and install a custom WordPress plugin to make it easy to autosubscribe your new WordPress users and subscribers to MyEmailProgram. After you checkout visit your MyAccount page and use the link to download the plugin. It installs the same way as any other WordPress plugin.


  • Configure a different contact list for each user type (Administrator, Contributor, Author, Subscriber, etc) in WordPress
  • Map each WordPress user field (First Name, Last Name, Address, Billing Address, Email Address, Website, Etc) to custom fields in MyEmailProgam
  • Easy to Configure and Setup

Core Functionality:

When a new user is added to your WordPress installation that user will be sent to your MyEmailProgam account and added to the contact list you designate. You can send First Name, Last Name, Email Address, and any other custom user meta that exists in your WordPress installation and that has a matching custom field.

eCommerce Applications:

If you are using WP-Commerce, e-Store, WooCommerce or another WordPress eCommerce plugin this plugin is the perfect way to auto subscribe new customers and users to your corresponding email lists.

In order to configure the plugin after it is installed you will need your XML credentials. Contact our support team to request those credentials.