Adding Email Addresses to Your Lists

Here are a variety of common techniques or methods that you might employ in your business to gather email addresses:

  • Ask clients visiting the business for their email address. This can be done at point of sale or as part of any other paperwork that customers have to fill out in the course of doing business with you.
  • Fishbowl: Put a fishbowl at the front desk and offer to draw a business card once a month for a free lunch
  • Create an opt-in form on your website (done via the software discussed below). Offer an incentive for the opt-in, such as; Enter your name and email address below to: Receive Our Free Report on…, Enter to Win…, Receive discounts and offers, Register for event etc.
  • Host a contest in which people must email in a picture, story, etc to participate.
  • Gather existing customer email addresses from your sales staff or other employees.

Wherever you are able to generate email addresses, make sure you properly disclaim your intention to send people email.