Now Use MyEmailProgram From a Mobile Browser

You can’t always be at your desk and now it is easier than ever to manage your campaigns and subscribers on the go. Recently we rolled out a new function to that gives you a mobile friendly interface when accessing the application from your mobile phone.

While not all functions are available via this mobile optimized version of MyEmailProgram, the core functions are. These include:

  • Send Email Campaigns
  • View Email Campaigns
  • View Scheduled Email Que
    • Pause Campaigns
    • Stop Campaigns
    • Approve Campaigns
  • View Email Campaign Stats
    • Full stats available (graphs currently not working due to flash compatibility)
  • View Autoresponders
  • Activate or Deactivate Autoresponders
  • View Contact Lists
  • Create Contact List
  • Edit Contact List
  • Add Contact to Contact List
  • Delete Contact
  • Edit Contact
  • View/Edit User Profile and Settings