Add Subscribers Via Paste Feature Added

We have installed a new feature that allows you to add new subscribers by pasting them into a text box. This feature will make it easier to add contacts when you have them in a text file or non CSV type of format.

Have you ever had a large number of email addresses you needed to add to a contact list that were on your computer clipboard? Perhaps a text file or some other source of contacts that didn’t come nice and pretty in a CSV file? With this new feature you can simply paste contacts into an open text box and the application will automatically add them to your contact list.

This is a huge advantage to speed and efficiency as you don’t have to import a large CSV file, match fields, and then wait for an import to complete. Just paste and go and within seconds your contacts will be fully imported. It will import as many as 50K emails in less than 2 minutes. We have tested with as many as 100K email addresses without any issues. This tool will ignore duplicates, only adding new contacts to your contact list. It will also ignore email addresses that have invalid characters such as spaces.

Look for the new option in your contacts menu. When you access that menu item you will find the paste contacts page. It looks like this:

add contacts via paste page


You can select if your pasted contacts are in the separated by line, space, or comma. If your contacts are not in any particular format and even potentially jumbled together, you can click on the link at the bottom of the page to open up a tool that will allow you to extract and detect email addresses from other random content and separate them by line. Then copy and paste back into this page.