Introducing GeoLocation Tracking and Reporting for Email Campaigns

We are excited to introduce you to GeoLocation reports. GeoLocation reports allow you to see exactly where each of your subscribers is located when he/she opens an email campaign and when they click on any link in your campaign.

How Does the Technology Work

Geo Pie ReportAnytime you send a HTML email campaign, that email is encoded with tracking information. When a recipient of the email opens the email or clicks on a tracked URL that user’s unique IP address is logged and reported to our system. All IP addresses are registered such that by knowing the IP address we are able to report back the location of the user.

There is some margin of error. Many mobile device cell carriers do not properly register and thus report the location of the mobile user. Often IP addresses for a mobile network are falsely reported. This margin of error may make some of the city level data less that 100% accurate but it shouldn’t become an issue as to make the national or regional information in any way less accurate or relevant.

What Are the Applications for an Email Marketer

Many advertisers are working to understand where they should invest their advertising dollars. Depending on the nature of your business you may or may not know where the greatest concentration of your potential consumers are. Utilizing data from email campaigns and special offer campaigns can give you direction about where to invest next.

If you host a large subscriber list and you currently sell advertising in your email campaign; region and city level data can help you better position your subscriber database to your current and potential advertisers.

How Do I Use This New Geo-Reporting Feature

Find more information here on our website.

What Will This Feature Cost

Nothing. We have already activated this new feature across all MyEmailProgram accounts and users. Enjoy!