New Upgraded Survey Tools Released

We have just released an upgrade to the survey tool builder in MyEmailProgram. Prior to this upgrade you had the following question types in the survey builder:

  • Single Line of Text
  • Paragraph of Text
  • List of Radio Buttons
  • List of Checkboxes
  • Drop Down List
  • Drop Down List of Countries
  • File Upload Box
  • Section Break

In this new upgrade you have the following question types:

  • Single Line of Text
  • Comment / Essay Question (Determine the maximum number of lines or characters
  • Multiple Choice – (one 1 answer) Radio Buttons
  • Multiple Choice – (Multiple Answers) Check Boxes
  • Multiple Choice – (Only 1 Answer) Drop-Down
  • Drop Down List of Countries (Pre-populated options)
  • Drop Down List of States (Pre-populated list of US States)
  • File Upload Box (You can chose what file types are allowed)
  • Date Selection Box (what it sounds like)
  • Multiple Textboxes Questions
  • Demographic Questions (A pre-built question type that asks for name, address, email, and phone)
  • Matrix Questions (Determine the number of columns and rows)
  • Text Responses With Numeric Value Questions
  • Rating Scale Questions
  • Section Break
  • Page Break (Breaks the survey into multiple pages)

Other Upgrades:

New Custom HTML Header and Footer that make it easier to insert links, images, or any text into a space above and/or below the survey. Makes it a lot easier to dress up the otherwise boring survey page.

Option to insert a logo/image in place of the survey title

Survey templates. You can now create different survey templates. We include one additional template to the default.

Click here to see an example. This survey includes all the question types and an example of the custom header and footer. This example also uses a gray, non-default template.