Users Reach First for Tablets to Read and Send Email

Perion recently released the details from a study about the email use of US iPad users in 2012. The results would have been a little surprising a year ago when many of us still didn’t see a virtual keyboard as practical for activities like composing email. When the iPad was first released it quickly grew in popularity as a device for reading email but these recent data points suggest that tablets have now surpassed desktop PCs and Macs as the device of choice for both Reading and Sending email.

The below graph by shows that even for sending email users who own iPads reach for that device 48% of the time compared to only 41% of the time on their PCs or Macs. Perhaps more relevant to our blog readers are the numbers about reading email which suggest that iPad owners reach for their tablets 55% of the time and their mobile phones 10% of the time to read email.

tendancy to use tablets or phones to read or send email

More important than ever will be the emphasis on coding and designing email campaigns for full multi-platform compatibility.