Email and Direct Mail are the Most Used Marketing Channels

According to a study conducted by Target Marketing, Email and Direct Mail continue to be the most used marketing channels. Surveys of almost 20,000 marketers concluded that Email is the highest return on investment of any of 19 marketing methods listed in the survey. Why might this be?

First, the cost is low. Compared to the cost of marketing on traditional broadcast or print media, email marketing is extremely low. Even compared to other digital marketing methods email continues to be the least expensive perhaps competing for that spot with social media.

Second, customer retention is high. The cost associated with obtaining an email subscriber is a low cost to pay because your continued “reach” is high. Once on your email list a high percentage of customers will stay on your list and if they do unsubscribe or bounce there is a good chance that they no longer make up a part of your target market. Source: “Media Usage Forecast 2012” by Target Marketing