Email Campaign Inbox Arrival Time Performance Indications

Recently, industry leader released the results of a 2012 email delivery performance survey. The purpose of the survey was to explore how the timing of email delivery directly affects performance of key engagement indicators.

The survey results are available at

Survey highlights include:

  • 80% have seen performance increased for emails delivered during a particular time of day
  • 61% cite a decrease in performance when emails don’t arrive at scheduled time
  • 74% would like more control over the arrival of their campaigns
  • 53% are not currently testing for an optimal delivery window for their email campaigns
  • 61% are not currently doing any segmentation of email campaigns by time of day

A few lessons that I take away from this. First, it would appear that too many Email Service Providers don’t give enough control to marketers in terms of defining delivery time. The survey does not account for sending volume which is unfortunate since the high volume senders are going to have a harder time getting emails into an inbox on a schedule. However, generally we should take from this that if you don’t already consider, test, and plan for specific delivery times you should be. also recapped the survey results in this article.

Here is a great info-graphic prepared by StrongMail to summarize the survey results.