Shared VS Dedicated IP Address for Email Sending

Whats The Big Deal?

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are the gate keepers of email. They decide if the emails you send to your contacts will get through the SPAM filter or not. ISPs identify incoming mail not by the email address from which it is sent, but by the IP address from which it is sent. ¬†ISPs will over time develop a profile for each IP address sending email. So, the issue is a big deal because if you are sharing a sender IP address with other users of your ESP (Email Service Provider), your email is dependent upon their ethical email behavior. If others who share your IP address send a lot of junk email the ISPs will develop a negative profile for ALL email coming from that IP and you could expect that your emails will have a much smaller chance of landing in your contact’s inbox.


How Do I Know If I Am Using A Shared IP Address?

If you don’t know then you can probably assume that you are using a shared IP address. Dedicated IP addresses cost money and if you aren’t paying for one you probably don’t have one.


How Do I Decide If I Want A Dedicated IP Address?

If you don’t want to have to worry yourself or your business with what others may be doing to your delivery rates, you need to consider your own Dedicated IP address.


Does Offer Dedicated IP Addresses?

Yes. In fact you can purchase and maintain as many dedicated IP addresses as you wish. You can utilize a dedicated IP for one or more of your contact lists. Each dedicated IP you wish to maintain will cost $30 per month.